IRS Warning To Job Seekers: Beware Of Job Scams

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Published by GreenSprout Experts | 1/20/23

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With many Americans facing unemployment or reduced wages following the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers have taken advantage by preying upon those looking for new jobs.

This June, the IRS issued a press release warning of a scam that is becoming more and more common.

The scam revolves around jobs posted on social media, where making a post is easy and has the ability to target a large audience.

The scammers post highly attractive job positions, hoping to lure in victims just hoping to land a lucrative position. Once the victim contacts the scammers to apply for the job, the scammers seek to gain personal information that would normally be submitted during a job interview.

The IRS warns that this information can be used by the scammers at the victim's expense in numerous criminal ways, including filing fraudulent tax returns that could affect the victim in the future. Scammers might also use the information to file for unemployment benefits in the victim's name.

Red flags to watch out for are high salaries that don't appear to coincide with the market average or the experience level, unprofessional communication, a highly flexible schedule, any benefits that seem "too good to be true," and any job requesting a payment of some kind.

Job seekers are warned to be cautious and aware of any red flags to avoid becoming victims of these scams.

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